We’d like to also thank S&D Bodyline for putting up a perfect attendance drawing for a free body kit on Sunday!
Scott Albert was the winner of the random drawing!
April 9th, 2023

Bassett Wheels finally came in. Guess what im doing for Easter?

March 15th, 2023
Go visit the guys at S & D Bodyline !!
Tires have arrived! $237 fronts, $239 rears. Roadrunners $149. Contact S&D Bodline to purchase (610) 393-9337.
March 10th, 2023 Once again S&D Bodyline will be awarding perfect attendance awards. This season it will be at both Big Diamond and New Egypt Speedways. Please read our press releases for each speedway. DB (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)
January 15th, 2023
S&D Bodyline returns as the official tire and parts supplier at Big Diamond Speedway
Track Owners – Jake and Jasmine Smulley
Track Website –
S&D Bodyline and Big Diamond Speedway have signed a three-year agreement for S&D Bodyline to be the official parts and tire supplier of the Minersville, PA dirt oval. S&D Bodyline has been at Big Diamond Speedway providing great customer service for over five years and is happy to have extended that partnership for the next three years.
S&D Bodyline located at 2501 Cherrywood Lane in Bath, PA is a supplier of all things related to dirt racing. From bodies to helmet tear offs and everything in between, S&D Bodyline can be your one stop source for anything you may need to compete. S&D Bodyline will have their parts trailer at Big Diamond for every scheduled race providing their outstanding brand of customer service.
Race car bodies are a big part of the S&D Bodyline business and once again in 2023, S&D Bodyline will be doing a body giveaway at Big Diamond. You must have perfect attendance to be eligible for the giveaway. The body kit will include doors, quarter panels, upper windows and front posts. Owner of S&D Bodyline Don Biegley would like to make it known that soon, all bodies will be done on a CNC router table for a more precise cut and better fit.
S&D Bodyline is happy to be back at Big Diamond and looks forward to continuing their relationship with the track and the racers for another three years.
“It is nice to have some stability there at Big Diamond and not have to wonder if we will be back there the following year,” said Biegley. “This worked out for both Jake and me. I think Jake is happy with us and what we provide for the track and the teams. I am fortunate, I have been an asphalt guy most of my life and one day Art Baer asked me to get ahold of Jake to come to Big Diamond and it has all worked out great ever since.”
“Kirsten Snyder of Snyder Web Design is working on a new website for us, and I think she is just about done with that. Jim Young has been some things on our Facebook page, so we have that going on there. The season will be here before we know it and we are looking forward to another great year.”
Last year, the talk of the season was tires and the availability of them. Biegley sees this season as being much better as far as supply but still won’t be back to where it was.
“As far as I have been told, American Racer has worked some of their bugs out in regard to the supply of tires,” mentioned Biegley. “I am not sure if I believe that until we actually start to get some tires. Last year I thought I let them buy six tires in the beginning of the year so they had some spares, this year I am not sure I will be able to do that until we get to that point. Either way, I am positive it won’t be as bad as last year. I think we did pretty good last year and there was only one night that I wasn’t able to bring any tires to the track compared to other tracks. I am 100% positive it will be better this year. I was told the tires will be here a week or maybe two weeks before practice.”
Please refer to the Big Diamond website for the 2023 schedule along with the rules and forms.

Specialty Fabraction

For all your Racing Needs

S&D Bodyline is a specialty fabraction shop. From complete bodies to fabrication work, a full supply of parts and wheels and everything in between. Our work includes fabrication on Street Stocks, Late Models, Dirt and Asphalt Modifieds, or anything that races on four wheels.


Parts & Wheels Distribution

All of your week to week Motorsports needs!

S&D Bodyline provides all of your week to week motorsports needs as well as fabrication material such as lexan, aluminum, and fiber glass.




Welcome to S&D Bodyline


Our aluminum stock and steel sheets are available in a rain bow of colors and sizes.  We also have "BLEM" sheets available. 


A great money saver for low budget teams,  Blems are not damaged aluminum.  They usually only have a dull paint finish.  Some may not be completely painted and are great for a team who is painting their own cars. 

If you need a complete body, contact us as we have panels ready to go for many popular racing chassis including, Troyer, Teo, and Bicknell.  Late model, Street Stock, and four cylinder drivers all use S&D for their Monte Carlo, Camaro and Pinto panels.  
Complete fiberglass late model bodies are also available. 


You can now save on shipping costs as well as most styles can be picked up at many of our drop off centers.  We also offer a full line of Dzus style fasteners, pop-rivets, poly carbonate (lexan) for windows and we can cut and match any panel to your specific needs. 

Go-Carters can also benefit from our bodies.  Quarter Midget racers, give us a call and we can do it all.  
Let S&D Bodyline help you save time and money and make you look good on and off the speedway. 

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S&D Bodyline

S&D Bodyline is a speciality fabrication shop. From complete bodies to fabrication work, a full supply of parts and wheels and everything in between.

Our work includes fabrication on Street Stocks, Late Models, Dirt and Asphalt Modifieds, or anything that races on four wheels.

2501 Cherrywood Lane
Bath, Pennsylvania 18014

(610) 393-9337 

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